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Translation and interpreting services for private persons

Authenticated translation of the following documents: marital status certificates, birth and death certificates, residence card documents and work permit documents, school-leaving certificates and high education diplomas, vehicle and motorcycle registration documents, divorce papers, applications and motions, wills and testaments, sale agreements, exchange agreements, gift agreements, agency contracts, annuity agreements, VAT invoices, final court rulings, REGON and NIP certificates, certificates issued by embassies, permits and permissions, and so on.

Authenticated translation of documents for specialists: architects, teachers, physicians and nurses, engineers and so on: qualification papers, the right to practice one’s profession, etc.

Sworn interpreting at the notary’s offices, registrar’s offices (USC) and other public institutions, courts and prosecutor offices of the Republic of Poland.

Sworn interpreter services to non-EU residents to alleviate the residence card and work permit application processes.



How to order the non-authenticated translation?
  • email the text at
  • deliver the text by courier
  • complete the order form "order now" on my page

A non-authenticated translation page means 1500 characters (including spaces).

How to order the authenticated translation?

  • email the scanned document  at and present the original document when you collect the authenticated translation
  • deliver the document by courier
  • deliver the document personally

 An authenticated (certified) translation page means 1125 characters (including spaces).

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