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Translation and interpreting services for companies and institutions

For lawyers, law firms, notaries, advisory and consulting companies, business administrators and institutions:

A full range of legal translations within the following areas of law:

  • International law
  • Criminal law
  • Civil law
  • Civil procedure law
  • Family law
  • European Union law

e.g.: normative and legal acts, notarial deeds, founding deeds, legal analyses and legal opinions, decisions and rulings, ordinances and resolutions, tender documents, court and registration documents, investment memoranda, opinions and messages, EU ETS rulings, public procurement documents (SIWZ – Specification of Essential Terms of a Contract, appeals, and so on), powers of attorney, court letters and pleadings, arbitration proceedings, suits, minutes, decisions, due diligence reports, agreements (articles of association of a company, purchase and sale agreements, lease agreements, deeds of gift, tenancy agreements, employment agreements) and contracts, complaints, specifications, statutes, laws and draft laws, excerpts from commercial registers, instructions, certificates and other types of documents, including those requiring a notarized form.

For advisory and consulting companies:

Interpreting of discussions during Focus Group Interviews that are widely used in market and social research and public opinion polls.

For real estate sector companies, including real estate agents:

Translation of all critical documents:

e.g.: notarial deeds, decisions on land development and management conditions (DWZ), zoning plans reports, legal and environmental opinions, feasibility studies, land register excerpts, local land use plan excerpts and other planning documents.

For companies and institutions:

Translation of:

  • financial audits, company business analysis, balance sheets, futures contracts, issue prospectuses, annual reports and statements, financial statements, periodical statements, auditor’s statements, and so on.
  • internal documents, commercial documents, information materials and correspondence

Sworn interpreter services:

  • at the notary’s (so that your contracts and agreements on critical business issues be made in the notarial form to be effective)
  • at official meetings, e.g. sworn interpreting at the shareholders meeting
  • at the court (during court hearings or in police interrogations of foreign nationals)

Other interpreting services:

Interpreting at meetings and conferences (simultaneous, consecutive and whispered) at international conferences, discussion panels, speeches, commercial talks and trading negotiations, presentations, training sessions, technical meetings of working groups, fairs and exhibitions, and so on.


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How to order the non-authenticated translation?
  • email the text at
  • deliver the text by courier
  • complete the order form "order now" on my page

A non-authenticated translation page means 1500 characters (including spaces).

How to order the authenticated translation?

  • email the scanned document  at and present the original document when you collect the authenticated translation
  • deliver the document by courier
  • deliver the document personally

 An authenticated (certified) translation page means 1125 characters (including spaces).

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