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Education and professional experience

I am a senior translator and interpreter with 20 years of experience in various corporations. With Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian as my native languages, I developed English fluency by studying at the Linguistic University in Minsk, Belarus from which I hold an MA in English and French Language and Literature as well as a PhD in English Translation Studies. In 1997 I completed a training course for translators/interpreters in the BBC Monitoring Unit in Reading, UK; in 2000 I attended the Translation Research School at University College London and in 2005 I took the Interdisciplinary Post-Diploma Study of Interpreting at the University of Warsaw in 2005. I am licensed by the Minister of Justice as a sworn translator and interpreter of the English and Russian languages under No. TP/2010/06.


I have resided in Poland since 1991 which has allowed me to become fluent in Polish. From 1991 to 2000 I have worked in an English-speaking environment working as a full-time in-house translator/interpreter for the Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS), the US Embassy in Warsaw, and the FBIS, BBC Monitoring unit in Reading, Great Britain. From 2000 to 2009 I worked as senior translator/interpreter for Warsaw-based multinational law firms (Clifford Chance Pünder Law Firm and Magnusson Law Firm). This year I started my own language translation and interpreter business.




Why me?

  • low costs (I offer you competitive prices)
  • easy (you send me a text by email, fax or via my website. You will receive the translation by email or fax at the time and on the date agreed by you. The invoice includes all details related to your assignment. It couldn't be more convenient)
  • guarantee of translator’s reliability and availability  
  • elimination of a risk of an inaccurate translation made by an inexperienced translator
  • guaranteed translation quality – (my work is based on a three - step quality process: translation - editing - proofreading and on customer glossary creation)
  • guaranteed confidentiality – I provide personal translation services
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